Sustainability Certification Trademarks

The legal right to display the Sustainability Registered Trademark – Friend of the Earth  (“Mark”) is one of the benefits of having a product certified with the Friend of the Sport Program. The Sustainability Mark distinguishes products/companies from those that have not obtained third-party certification and assures customers of the adherence to standards for sustainable practices.

World Sustainability Organization (WSO) and its Mark (Friend of the Earth) is a Worldwide registered trademark. Written authorization to apply the Sustainability Mark is sent to the company a newly certified product when the Sustainability Certification staff has completed its evaluation of the product’s conformance to the applicable standard(s).Unapproved use and misapplication of WSO’s registered trademarks is expressly prohibited. No company or person shall apply or display the Mark in connection with a product, or represent in any way that the product is certified, without written authorization from WSO’s Sustainability Certification staff.

For more information on the use of the WSO Marks, please review our Sustainability Logo Policy (opens as PDF).

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